The following projects are currently under developement:


Database monitoring agent for Zabbix, supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle. Project is hostet on


The PHP projects are for PHP 5.3+, because they (will) make heavy use of OOP features and namespaces, provided with PHP 5.3.

Mammut Framework ALPHA
A multi purpose PHP framework with database abstraction layer (MySQL/PGSQL/Firebird/PDO) and other cool things.
Mammut CMS WIP
A CMS System, based on the Mammut Framework. Easy to extend and high reusability of existing code.

Planned: The project is planned, but no line of code exists, only concepts.
WIP: Code exists, but is unstable and sometimes not more than a proof of concept.
ALPHA: Some stuff is usefull allready, but many features are missing.
BETA: All features are included, but bugs could be everywhere.
STABLE: Should do what it is designed to do.

For detailed infos, contact s.daurer<at>